Ankur Kushwaha | 6th June 2018

A UX designer requires tools to complete the various stages of the User Experience workflow from research to design to prototype and Release.


Up until now, Sketch has been the dominant streamlined vector graphics editor used for such purpose which was only available on MAC, Which means you’re going to need Macintosh system for that. Adobe XD is the only Cross-Platform tool which has to arise as a competitor to Sketch after years of absence.


Adobe Experience Design refers to vector graphics editor and prototyping tool. It was launched under Project Comet.


Repeat Grid


Adobe XD has a set of unparalleled features like the Repeat Grid, a tool that lets you replicate a group of objects like Design card with variable data and configurable spacing between the text.




XD gives us the ability to create an interactive prototype without needing any sort of plugin, unlike Sketch. It allows its user to visually connect interactive areas to other screen using wires. However, it does not have support for fixed sections like a header for now.


Assets Panel


Adobe integrated Assets panel, a smart way to bring together an interactive style guide with colors, character styles, and symbols. On changing something in the Assets panel, every use of the asset in your artwork follows.


There are many UX designers already shifting to XD, either as they are Creative Cloud subscribers, or because they think XD will be the next big thing for Prototyping and are satisfied with the available feature set. If you are a Sketch user, then you’ll enjoy XD a lot due to its similar interface as Sketch, but will also have to deal with the current limitations and lack of plugin support. It is yet unknown if XD will become the successor among all prototype tools, but go ahead and do give it a shot.


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