Amazing Things One Can Do With Creative Cloud

Bharat | 25th July 2018

We are very lucky that the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite is available for us. The initial version was a bit disappointing, but now most people realize how amazing it is. Same as WordPress, the dominance and adaptability of this software suite draw users interest in. Even Illustrator and Photoshop are one of the favorites for what they do for web designers and developers. But Creative Cloud is much more powerful than both. In this blog, I have mentioned some amazing things one can do with Creative Cloud.

Creating, syncing, and sharing creative cloud assets:

When we talk about productivity related applications and how to manage websites assets, Dropbox is normally one of the first applications. But whether a user works lonely or co-operates with clients and team members, the library tool present in the creative cloud should become their go-to then. Libraries can help in linking assets, cross-application syncing, sharing and collaboration.


Exporting assets all at once:

For those people who love to work on illustrator, it is very crucial to search for shortcuts. They like to spend extra time on designing and less time on monotonous tasks like exporting files for a client. If they have not work on Export Assets functionality, they can go through some of the available tutorials. They get to know how easy it is to export multiple designing assets, of different sizes, for multiple devices, and also in the various type of formats, all at once.

Instinctively drawing shapes:

In material design, design trends make use of a lot of shapes, color, and lines. One can check out the new shaper tool in illustrator. It’ll help in making the complete process of drawing, editing, merging various shapes into one picture very easier.


Designing custom letter:

If a developer and designer are looking to add a unique picture to logos and other lettered content on their website, Illustrator will actually authorize a user to do that. It is pretty easier to build your on lettering, and then merge it with the desired pictures and shapes for a design which is totally unique to your brand.

While there are a huge number of color palette tools which are present online, then why to limit yourself to a tool to tell you it’s a good color combination.

Illustrator allows you to use an easy to use the Live color tool. Whether you like to select and edit a color palette for a design or may you like to work with the tool’s color harmony suggestions, you have complete control over the recoloring of your artwork.

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