An adroit Designer can revamp the user experience

An Adroit Designer Can Revamp the User Experience
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I would like share a simple experience. As a part of daily activity on a terrific hectic day. I was supposed to update an information over the website. Surprisingly, on the URL click, page loading… unexpected  pop up with a funny game puzzle, resulted in a billion dollar smile in such a stressful day.

It was so simple and shocking, but had a wonderful impact on my daily routine. Definitely, it was a designer who did justice to his/her job role by such a small thought. It could be like any other site but a simple fun event rewarded me on a terrific day. Well, after this experience, I keep on wondering how a small change lead to such an amazing experience which tempts users to visit the website again and again.

Amazing experience is important… Really ?

 Does a simple joke or a re-cherishing tip or a game puzzle really make a design effective? Undoubtedly its yes! A boring routine task can become a mode of excitement, by designers simple idea. A thoughtful simple idea makes a positive impact on the visitor. An amazing experience motivates people and change the behaviour. Whenever people have an amazing experience it increases the website’s popularity and create more references (People start talking about the design). Hence, a designer by simple analysis on the people, research on the emotions of the people, simple Ad-on feature can turn a normal routine task into an exciting task.

What makes Something Amazing?

 The success of the product lies on the user’s experience. Before creating an amazing experience, a design must prove to have a  good user’s experience. A design should serve the user’s basic needs. A research on the user’s can help the UX/UI designer to meet up the user’s desire. Being thoughtful, requires building real user’s empathy. A thoughtful designer keep the user’s emotion in the mind in the entire design process.

How to create an amazing experience?

Good Experience

It’s very difficult to be user centric in design process at every now and then. Designers encounter so many challenges while creating designs, they might lose touch while following a design process. It might be design strategy or methodology, UX research plays a vital role in design cycle.

As a designer, its very important to keep design very active from functionality, usability and thoughtfulness perspective.

Amazing Experience

Let’s try to figure out some tricks to remain thoughtful in complete design process :

Let’s Start Up:

Before seeding, a designer should talk and discuss about the key thoughts behind the principle of the design process.

Research Research Research :

Designers should do lots more than a research. UX designer needs to be on the field for better outcomes. Focus on users perspective; the facial and verbal expression which are required to know users empathy.


Know about the design’s complete picture :

It’s very important to know in and out of the product for which designing is in process. If the designer is aware of whole story, the probability of positive outcomes increases. At every step of the progress, have a set back and think how effective the design is?, how it will motivate people? Designer’s should imagine himself using the product and then proceed with designing. A fun to the design leads to an exciting experience.


Call Meetings :

It’s very important for designers to realize their design at each step. Designers must have more and more discussion on the designs and review those design being created, should know the negative side of the design to make it more positive.


Make the users to smile :

Always wonder how the design can bring smile to the user. Designers should work on empty corner of the design in such a way that the design insist the user to smile and make frequent visit to the website.


Shining Thoughts + motivation :

Make the thought shine by creating very simple and effective designs. Thoughts become important when uncluttered design comes into picture. It might be case that the designer are no more able to motivate the people by their design despite of trying each and everything. But that’s completely fine, it’s part of job. All designs can’t be just perfect. Designer just keep on practising on the designs, may be that practice give you a fresh and unique thought on fresh design.

Shilpa Adhlakha

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