5 Features To Expect In Your Android 6.0 Device

Saurabh Tiwary | 10th August 2016

Google’s most anticipated OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow has started to roll out in the mobile market. Seeing the huge success of Android lollipop, users are expecting much from the new version Android 6.0. With every new update, there happen to be a new challenge for the mobile apps designer to take care of the new features to associate it with their UI/UX experiences. So, let us take a quick look at some major changes that have been brought to the new OS.

5 Features To Expect In Your Android 6.0 Powered Device

Android 6.0

1) The Vertical App View- Unlike previous versions of Android, the new version incorporates different accessibility option for apps. The new UI looks like the one in old HTC devices. It would be unfair to say that it is better than the previous interface, but the new interface is quite easy to swipe through and runs more smoothly.

2) All New Search Bar- In case you have a  library with massive apps, you won’t remember installing and uninstalling of apps. The new feature is a bit handy as it will let you fetch the records on-board easily.

Additionally, there exist four special app slots which are present at the top of the apps menu. The predefined algorithms pick the most accessed apps or the recently used app adding to your convenience. It is worth noting that these are not very much helpful when we talk about bigger displays.

3) Changes In Voice Search- The Voice Search feature in Android Marshmallow has a completely new look. Accompanied by four colored dots float, the voice signal processing is represented by the waveforms and then you can rotate as your voice request is picked up. Just like the previous versions, the response rate varies as per the complexity of the searched word or phrases. Another factor is your internet speed. However, the results are often very accurate and improved. Now, you can also launch the app through voice commands.

4) Memory Manager- One of the biggest concerns for Android users has been the need of more and more free memory. Android 6.0 comes with built-in memory manager tool that lets you manually manage your RAM providing you with more control on memory usage.

5) Android Pay- Android Pay basically replaces the old version of Google Wallet that extends its ability of storing and managing digital versions of all your cards. It can vary from a simple store card to the full-on credit cards. Perhaps, Android Pay is able to combine various accounts that allow you to pay for something that adds reward points and offers that will automatically be applied.

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