Top Android App Designing Tools Used By Expert Designers

Bharat | 8th June 2018

Android App Designing tools help app designers a lot by saving our time, energy and budget. They are the basic necessity of every Android app designer. Above that, appropriate android app designing tools can smoothen our work, and help us work smarter. This blog is all about the exceptional and highly used Android app designing tools.

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Top Android App designing tools:

Sketch tool:

Every designer knows about sketch tools as sorting and arrangement of documents on them are easy. Sketch uses short documents for work, and also due to being a vector-based application, the file sizes we use in this tool are very smaller when compared to other tools. The built-in grid system in it makes the entire interface design process much easier to work.

Adobe XD tool:

Adobe XD incorporates drawing tools for usage, for defining non-static interactions, and for mobile desktop previews. It permits you in selecting a device-specific artboard size for starting a project. You can even obtain a well-known UI kit. Also, it’s a light model interface, with a large number of photos loaded in it, and it’s also great for mood boards. This tool authorizes us to speedily select elements and page transitions for a working prototype if the design is completed.


Figma is an interface design tool that let various designers co-operate in real time. It’s present in the browser like on Windows or Linux. While using it users feel that the workflow is very smooth and it also takes no time to learn. It also gives the feature to share the graphics with others within the application.


These android app designing tools help designers to create stunning prototypes. I hope these selected tools will help every designer, whether he is an expert or a newbie, to design excellent android apps.

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