Android TV App UI Design Guidelines

Saurabh Tiwary | 28th December 2016

Android-based smart TVs have been very popular in past few years. Since it immersed, we saw a progressive demand and rise in the smart TV users. Android TVs provide a unique viewing experience through the apps that are specially designed to boost the TV watching experience. However, the User Interface design for the Android TV app might not be exactly same as that of the mobile apps which have comparatively smaller displays.

Android TV App Design Guidelines

Here, we shall take a look at some of the key aspects of designing an Android TV app for smart TVs.

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Use Material Design Principles

Using Material Design principles is one of the best ways to go while you’re designing for mobile devices as well in the TV app design. The advantage of doing this is that it does not only provide a sense of trust and familiarity but also provides an enjoyable experience to the users. Designing TV app using material design lets you preserve the same look and feel across the various OS platforms where the application is running.


Focus on Providing Cinematic Experience

Android Apps are used to add flavors to the TV-watching experience and for the reason, you must not ruin the usual TV experience of the users. Enfold the use of visuals and engaging sound. This might boost the cinematic experience while using your TV application. This can be done by keeping the UI design to the least via minimalist approach and getting rid of the text use where possible and by focusing on visual elements.


Simplicity is Always a Key

Just like the different types of mobile applications you create, ensure that your icons on the app and are large and bold and at the same time, simple. Every user wants to take the least number of steps to get from one stage to another .  While on TV, every user wants to relax and watch something without indulging in any activities. Simplicity in Android TV app design can be achieved by:

Minimum textual content in your application helps to cause no distraction during the browsing of content.

Minimize the number of control interactions needed to reach a goal to the minimum number. It helps complete user action in a the least possible way. This can be done by eliminating any unnecessary navigation steps from the flow at any place where it is not essential.

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Consider Game Controllers

Android TVs are very much compatible with gamepad controllers. It allows users to access several more buttons to interact with the application. If your app uses a game controller, it must allow the navigation functionality from the standard controller keys that are present on the d-pad.


Voice User Input

To ensure the maximum usability of the Android TV apps, it is smart a smart idea to provide flexible methods data input such as the voice input. Although Android TV has a software keyboard that allows textual input via the screen, it would be hectic to allow them to feed data through d-pad controller. And that’s why voice input is essential to ease the function.

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