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Android UI Designing Tips For Becoming Android UI Design Experts

Achieving expertise as adept Android UI Design Experts is not a one-day game. One should not think of becoming Android UI Design Experts overnight. Various design aspects, UI design patterns and the types of application- there are countless factors that come into play when you want to achieve a polished and functional UI design of a mobile app.

Today, we can experience an upward surge in the demand for Android apps that look stunning along with having the capability of being usable. And undoubtedly, companies are ready to pay hefty amounts for a solid app, so that it can help them to grow. In this article, you can find some of the key principles following which you can know the best ways to design outstanding Android User Interfaces. It is not everything that you need to know but covers some of the most effective practices for UI design professionals.

The vitality of usability in Android UI Designs: 

The designing process of an Android app UI  may vary from that of the iOS apps. While material design principles play a vital role in uplifting the Android UI, iOS apps still take into the account; the intuitiveness of the Flat Icons.

The Android users tend to download and use the apps which have “ease of access”. The open source mobile OS focuses on imparting usability to the design through Google’s UI design principles. Since Android OS is very well-known for offering easy accessibility to the users, it is more than the need of a UI expert to focus on minimizing any sort of hassles or complications while working on the design components.

Uplifting the Android UI Design

There are a few excellent ways of designing UI of Android apps. I am listing out the 5 most useful practices that are very effective and highly adored by the users.

Use Material Design Standards

Google emphasizes UI designers to make use of Material Design principles when designing the UI of an Android app. The causes seem obvious seeing the easy and effective implementations of the Material Design Icons. Unlike 3D image view of the actual object, material design icons look more appealing and provide a lot of room for designing interactive buttons. There does not seem to be a need for 3D objects. To interpret it in a better way, you can have a look at Google’s old logo and compare it with the new one which is designed on Material Design principles.

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Why is Minimalist Approach the Best Way to Go for Android Apps?

The current design trend is the minimalist approach which provides a polished look to any type of app. Use of little texts and hero images works quite well. In addition, interactive components such as modal windows are useful in boosting the UI of the apps. The Functional animation is also taking becoming useful for Android UI Design Experts. Such animation techniques look pretty and users like it. 

Typography is Important

The use of large Typography is in vogue now. It is one of the best ways of focusing on a specific subject using bold text option. Typography is more than what we think of it. A well-crafted typography design is likely to be very effective in every sort of design. Although a subtle use of Typography does the work quite well. However, it can be emphasized depending on the needs. Go to the mentioned link below to know why Typography is so important in any design product. 

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Consider Designing for Wearables

The new generation of Android and iOS app design must take into the account the wearable devices while designing an app. Wearables add some extra usability and convenience to your app design. Use of Smart Watches and the Virtual Reality Devices have brought in some great demand to design for these devices as they are the future of any mobile OS.

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