The Essence Of Video And Animated Logo Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 19th September 2016

The web and mobile app design has reached a new level where the advancement in the technology and the design trends have often brought some major impacts in the design. Among all such moves viz. usable interface design, minimalist design approaches etc. an effective way to delight your business website design visitors with your products and services is Animated Logo. This is a great tool to engage your website visitors and introduce them to your brand. .

The Essence Of Video And Animated Logo Design


Unlike different means of advertising and promotions, some implicit practices are followed. One of them is through Video And Animated Logos.


What Is Animated Logo?

In motion graphics, animated logos are produced by the creation of a series of drawings, pictures, etc., shown quickly in motion one after another. This is generally produced through the process of animation.  Animated logos are in the form of a video, however, these are created through the art of motion graphics. The advantage of animated logo over traditional logos is that it is much more memorable and distinguishable. Since video content is much more interpretable and absorbable, animated logos are very effective in branding. However, the effectiveness of an animated logo is determined by its ability to engage the users.


Why Do We Need To Have Animated Video or Logo?

There are several advantages of having animated logos.

Animated Logos Hold Viewers Attention

While business organizations benefit from the fact that people come across more and more online content, they might struggle to grab the attention of the potential customers. The information consuming ability of consumers are trending towards instant gratification. And if your company is making use of video content, you are probably doing well at your place. Incorporating animated logos in video content takes this idea a step further. Video content or explainer videos can capture the attention of consumers and enhance your entire presentation.

Animated Logos Enhances Brand Awareness

One of the crucial functions of a logo is to create awareness and promote the brand. That is why companies opt to invest in an animated logo and short intro videos. Since animated logos are both more memorable and more recognizable over the static logo in order to have any recognition whatsoever.

Animated Logos Make for Better Storytelling

A well designed animated logo can help contribute to the brand  a fluid piece of the storytelling process in video content. The narrative video content is a powerful tool that makes direct emotional connections with consumers. When you for a static logo for your business, you get rid of the narrative and break that emotional connection while an animated logo provides the seamless to the viewers what they actually expect.

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