Animation Can Really Delight Your Visitor

Animation can do wonders for your design. Don’t you trust my words? Let me bring to you few promising ideas after which you will be able to make out how animation can amazingly prove to be an intuitive tool in current design trends.

Animation can very well introduce the users to let them feel the liveliness of the design. This is because motion brings life to the objects. So, why not use animation in your web design to take creativity to the next level.

Animation For Website

Engage Users During Page Load

Achieving an ideal load time for a website is what the essential need of every web designer and the web developer. In order to provide some crucial functional aesthetics to the design, it might not always be possible for designers to come up with a lightening fast website. So, a very tricky idea to not let users feel disgusting during longer page load time is to engage them with animated icons. Play with the emotion of the user by relating to the real world ideas.

For example, in the case of page errors, display an interesting response page that must not annoy users with error pages.


Transition With Information

It is not just about an alternative to the dead link, instead, the smart way is to provide additional information to the available content. In case, a particular link fails and you bring animation as a substitute, so why not include some related information to this  page in motion. This will surely act as a useful alternative in case of link failures by ensuring content delivery through the animated pages. However, do not stuff a lot of text into the animation as it won’t work the way you want and the user might not like going through the long text.


Enhancing Web-Access Methods

Animation can also enhance the website accessibility to a greater extent. This can be achieved in several ways:-

  • Animated Notifications:- Because of the fact that animation draws the attention of the user, you can use them for sending notifications to the user.
  • Enhance User Interface:- Animation can enhance the user interaction by adding some cool features to the website like hovering over the menus etc. that add to  making websites more interesting.
  • Highlight Specific Web Element:- This is useful when you want your user to focus on some specific layout or specific element of the webpage.
  • Collapsing Menus:- Sometimes, in order to save some space on the page, features like collapsing the menu icons can be brought to use. In such cases, drop down menu can also be used for smooth and fluid transitions.


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Saurabh Tiwary

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