How Effective are App Builders in Mobile App Design?

Saurabh Tiwary | 12th December 2016

Mobile app design has been the prime need of every organization. Since the development process of a mobile demands a huge budget and is a time-consuming process,  a number of small business organizations refrain from getting into the complexities of the mobile app development project. Mobile App  Builders are the best alternatives to get your hands on in the cost-effective business app development.

App Builder Mobile Design

What is an App Builder?

App Builders are useful mobile application development tools that uses PhoneGap/Cordova development environment and enables developers to create a mobile app. These apps work quite well on many mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS etc.

Due to the presence of shared HTML5/JavaScript code base, the apps developed using App Builders can run across various mobile platforms. It also resolves the problem of developing individual apps for different mobile OS.

The availability of built-in tools viz. simulation tools, debugging tools and deployment tools allows developers efficiently use the hardware and operating systems resources. For an example, a mobile app developed for iOS can run on Android and Windows mobile platforms.

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Major Advantages of Mobile App Builders

  • These apps do need any sort of coding skills by programmers. Although a developer can use app builder, but these are convenient enough to be designed for a beginner.
  • These types of the app can be created using a cloud-based service with easy drag and drop options.
  • The development cost using App Builder is quite low since you don’t need to hire developers that charge thousand of dollars.
  • Apart from this, the time consumed in developing an App using such tool is very less since you do not need to work on every sequential step.
  • You don’t need to create every component as everything is ready in the cloud to drag and drop to design an app.
  • There are tools available to develop apps for all the mobile platforms.

Disadvantages of Mobile App Builders:

  • App builders do not prove to be handy all the time as there are limitations of available toolkit development.
  • The customization process is not very efficient as it might be difficult since you only need to follow what already exists.
  • Although app builders allow some major customization, but in that case, you will be additionally charged.
  • In long term projects, mobile app builders are not the good choice. In the initial phase, it might cost less, but as the development process proceeds the cost increases. Overall, the cost can be even more than you might otherwise spend in native app development by experts.

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