What Is a Typical Mobile App Design Process? (Part 2 of 2)

Saurabh Tiwary | 9th September 2016

We tend to go beyond the research and analysis of what is “trending” in the design world to achieve a prolific app design. Every process that goes into designing a mobile app must be intuitive and out of the box. In my previous blog, I have tried to bring forth some of the key points that you should put your hands on while commencing with any mobile app designing project. Having done with the research part, analysis, and other major pre-checks, it’s time to move to the next level of UI/UX design process i.e. execution. These approaches are carried out by majority of the mobile app design service providers.

Major App Design Considerations

Details Matter

Details MatterModern smartphones offer much room for incorporating details as a result of bigger display sizes and high pixel resolutions. The greater ppi allows more text to be added into the mobile apps still being legitimate. You do not need to worry about how you would put too much of details like desktop apps. A good way to do this is through micro-interaction. Micro-interactions are very handy in uplifting the features of your mobile application through smart design tweaks.

Typography Is A Crucial Part Of Modern Design

Typography Is A Crucial Part Of Modern Design
In recent years, typography has seen numerous implementations in a number of mobile apps that have performed quite well in the app market. The typography is one of the creative ways to make your font design more effective than the usual one. You can read more about typography in my blog
 How Important Is Typography In your Design?

Proper Navigation Ensures Usability

App design processOne of the highlighting features of any mobile or web application is its ability to let users easily figure out how to actually get into the information that they actually want to explore. No matter what kind of app you are putting your effort into, it must possess simpler navigations that will help them explore each and every section and the sub-section of the content. It must be unambiguous and hassle-free in order to locate all sorts of stuff.

Effectiveness Of Colors

Effectiveness Of ColorsSince, while designing an app for a mobile or a desktop, colors are of utmost importance as they delight users with lucrative designs. A perfect color combination can be achieved using the knowledge of color theory. However, one key factor to consider is that colors must blend into the app design through proper mixes and combinations. You can read more about color theory and color applications under blog section of Oodles Studio homepage.

Testing Is Vital

Testing Is VitalWhen you are done with everything, the final phase that is followed by mobile UI design companies is the process of testing which is as important as research and analysis and other important considerations. A thorough testing of an app design ensures smooth functioning of the design. Testing can be carried out in a number ways. One of the popular app testing technique is A/B testing which is often regarded as a very fruitful method of QA in most of the mobile app design services.


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