What Is a Typical Mobile App Design Process? (Part 1 of 2)

Saurabh Tiwary | 8th September 2016

The process of undertaking a mobile app design project begins with research followed by inspiration; the effective execution is the ultimate goal. However, as a beginner, we possess a sense of insecurity and feel troubled while thinking of initializing a mobile app design. Here, I list a sequential process which is carried out in a majority of the design projects. Take a look.

What Is a Typical Mobile App Design Process

A Thorough Research Of App Design

A Thorough ResearchMobile apps design process is far different from that of a website design or an online application design process. Unlike web page design which is meant for multi-platform, mobile app design is quite focused. These are specific, individual and insular. This point must be kept in mind while designing any app.
Another crucial thing is to keep in mind is that mobile applications are platform based and meant for smartphones more than the generic phones. The prime objective of an app should be to bring a new and fresh concept to engage and attract a large number of users. The usefulness and engagement depend on the distinct concept.

Check Out Your Competitors

Check Out Your CompetitorsHaving an idea of what you are up against is a smart act. When it comes to mobile apps design, you can explore a number of forums, and threads where users express their opinions on likes and dislikes.
Looking into these sites and their comment sections for a few hours can provide you with a good picture of what is going on in and around the market. It also provides with a quick idea of what users want from the product. Having known the user’s preferences before beginning with design process can save you a lot of time in future.

Get Inspiration

Get InspirationComing up with a mobile app is something like entering into the global market. Hundreds and thousands of apps are being created and everyday we come across a lot of new concept with a number of mobile app designing companies. You need to be entirely different but approachable.

The Design Process

The Design ProcessOnce you are sure that you have gone through all the processes mentioned above, it’s time to put all that research on table. While initializing the apps design process, consider everything that you have experienced using apps, all the the comments, dislikes and suggestions of the users that you have read. Keeping everything in mind, think of how you actually want your app to look like? Making use of either sketching or Photoshop, begin to design the app.
This is one of the most time consuming process, however, time spent in wireframing and prototyping can be saved in later mobile design process.

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