Leading Mobile App Design Trends Followed By Companies In 2016

Saurabh Tiwary | 20th September 2016

Very soon, a number of mobile apps as we know them might disappear. Luxury will be within the reach of masses. Virtual Reality will see broad applications in mobile app design. The UI will go to the next level of material design. These are some of the major Design Trends being incorporated by design companies that are shaping the world in 2016 and we expect much in upcoming years. The new-comers to the app market must look into the current trends as well as the trends that are expected to be seen in the near future. Let’s explore some of the leading mobile app design trends that are doing well and likely to perform well in days to come.

Leading Mobile App Design Trends Followed By Companies In 2016


Major Design Trends 2016


  1. Apps As We Know Them Will Disappear

A number of mobile apps with no or little update may lose user base as they might switch to the newer versions of other apps with similar features.

The future of mobile app design will be more of counterintuitive. A large number of organizations currently focus on the transaction of a service. However, if you focus on the interaction, or ‘point of x’, and make it as smooth as possible, the transaction will occur naturally. Now, it is more about designing for humans and having a focus on interactions instead of transactions.


  1. Efforts Are Being Made To Avail Luxury To All

So far, the technology and electronics were only the part of rich hands with the high cost and scale being the prime barrier to the entry. However, with digital technology being enabled with scalable and yet personalized experiences, the luxury is available to the huge masses as it was never before.


  1. Virtual Reality(VR) Is All Set For Wide Design Applications

Virtual reality is likely to blow new air in the field of mobile app design and is expercted to be one of the major trends. Not more than a few years ago, VR was a technology which was considered so bulky and expensive that it was limited to several applications. However, moving fast forward to 2016, a number of smartphone makers such as Samsung, Apple, Sony are likely to employ VR in their application design

VR will undoubtedly take the gaming experience one level up. Right from its implementations in education to the tourism and health, VR will see numerous uses in our work, play, and homes.


  1. Minimalist UI Design Is Doing Well And Is Expected To Go Long Way

The minimalist approach towards mobile app UI design is widely accepted by users worldwide. And almost every well-designed mobile app goes behind minimalist approach as it is one of the most intuitive app ideas that boost user experience and ensures easy navigation, a good information architecture design, and better user interface. Having known the advantages and popularity of minimalist approach, it won’t be unfair to say that minimalist design approach is likely to go a long way setting up new design trends.

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