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Aditya Kumar | 28th September 2018

There are lots of things in this world to attract people like Game, Nature, Art, Shopping etc, But the most important thing now days is “INTERNET”.

There are thousands of sites on the Internet and the number of web designers to design these sites, But introduce yourself as the best designer is not that easy. For a good design or it will be better to say a great design there is certain important prescript that every designer should remember:-

  1. Sticky & unforgettable design:- As everyone says “The first impression to last impression” so try to make such design, once anybody visits your site and can’t stop him/her self to visit again.
  2. Colour:We know “that which is seen is sold” so I any design colors play a huge role to directly influences people. This clearly represents your artistic or non-artistic mind, that how confidently and accurate color pick and apply to your design. Like black is the soul of all color but if we are designing something related to baby care product so we should use red, yellow, pink, blue etc. that make worm someone eyes instead of using black.Look & feel of your design total depend on colors, so make your mind colorful for pick perfect color.
  3. Purpose and audience of design:-For a good design just don’t pick the topic and start to design, all you have the need to list out your priorities such that customers related to your design.Identify and understand properly about the purpose of design and types of customers so well the design or your service fit for their requirement.
  4. Most crucial investment(TIME):- Even sometimes we design something so good but waste lots of time for that design then this is good according to your design quality but be punctual for your design deadline, that will help you to explore your creativity by switching on various design frequently. So instead of stick on one design for too long just complete within the time limit, follow the deadline between the rules. 
  5. Simple and clear design:-With the growing nature of internet thousands of website exists on it, and this is not a secret that no one has this much ability to read each and every content of your website. People only prefer few lines for their requirement otherwise they will switch for other. So be minimalistic for your design, make it simple and easy to use for an increment of visitors or customers. 
  6. Learn from your mistake:-When you design don’t fear about perfection you can’t get it, but one thing that’s in your hand is to make your design better than the previous one. List out all your mistake made by you in all your previous design and try to minimize it for your upcoming project. You have to get worst in order to get best.This step will really help you to achieve a better design.

    Finally, the overall conclusion is just precise and simple as much as possible for your design and equipped yourself with the right knowledge about things that you are going to design.

    Design allures the soul of customers.

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Aditya Kumar

Aditya is a UI/UX Designer having key skills in designing, his hobbies are designing new ideas and concepts in App and Web Layouts.

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