Attributes of an Ideal Logo Design

admin | 2nd March 2016

Attributes of an Ideal Logo Design

Attributes of an Ideal Logo Design

Attributes of an Ideal Logo Design


First Impression is the last impression. This axiom is very true when it comes to achieving   perfection in professional logo and website design. Often, a logo is not considered of much significance, but ironically,  logo plays a vital role in branding and recognition of an enterprise. While designing a logo, one needs to make sure it represents your business the right way. There are many considerations to keep in mind. Some of them are:

  • For what kind of company the logo is to be designed
  • Target Audience
  • Various Fields of advertisements

When you are done with these things, you need to begin with the design part of the logo. It is not certain that your logo will be quickly recognised, even though you’ve created the most beautiful mix of creative ideas. It depends on the product’s achievement and the industry through which it is available. Logos can be of various types and there are no specific hard and fast rule to design them. It’s more about your expertise to take into account while creating any such design. However, logos can be classified into few categories as mentioned:

1. Badge Logo

Such logos uniquely identifies the brand and are mostly preferred by well-built organizations.

2. Custom Text Logos

Sometimes, customized fonts are created specifically for brands to use across all their marketing and advertising.

3.Letter Marks Design

These logos are the combination of a wordmark and a symbol or icon and give the flexibility for various applications. A well-designed combination mark looks pretty good with the elements even separately as it does with them together.

So, now we discuss few key features of an ideal logo.

1. A good “painting” is not necessarily a good logo.

Keep it simple silly! You might take into account the design being more creative, but make sure that you don’t go too artistic in designing it. It’s all about simple and at the same time innovative.

2.Study Color Combination

Every color has a special impact over the logo. Whenever you take brand’s personality into mind, you have to consider every part of the impression. Brilliant and vibrant colorings might get someone else’s attention, but can also seem brash; moderate tones radiate style, but may very well be disregarded. Each colour features distinct effects which enable you to take the subtle difference to your communication. So, color selection is one of the important aspects of logo design.

3. It should be timeless

You also need to keep in mind that your logo design must not be outdated in upcoming few years. As it’s not at all a good idea to alter your logo design once it becomes iconic. Thus, following latest trends in logo design is very crucial.

4. Analysis can help you win the game

Although, it’s not assured whether your logo would be acceptable, yet analysis of various design and their success over time is must be taken into account.


Without a distinct logo design, it might be difficult for clients and customers recognizing your brand, can create confusion with another company and end up going with a competitor instead of choosing your products or services. So, be unique and distinguishable.

6. Versatile

A great logo can be printed at different sizes, across different mediums and applications with the same impact. Graphics have to be machine independent so that they can be used on different platforms. A good logo has to work well on the web, on paper, on print boards as well as in video description. A graphic designer should know what kind of logo can turn out to be flexible so as to be used on different medias.

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