Basic Aspects of E-Commerce Mobile App Design

Bharat | 13th August 2018

Smartphones have transformed the world in a very short time span. According to a study, almost half the smartphone users spend more than 5 hours a day on their mobile phones. This is also changing their behavior which includes brand preferences, purchasing decisions etc. Whether a customer is shopping for groceries, food or fashion, their mobile devices serve as an important partner. Today homebodies can avail the facility to have all their important stuff get delivered to their homes within a few minutes. As the time is changing, people have started opting not only for online shopping but they are choosing mobile applications to buy anything. Basic aspects of e-commerce mobile app design are as follows.

Basic aspects of e-commerce mobile app design:


Design should support image zoom gestures:

During mobile usability testings of e-commerce sites at Baymard’s, one thing comes in front that users on mobile devices try to use gestures such as pinch in and double tap to zoom product images. Users want to inspect the product thoroughly and are very concerned about every small detail. If a user who is interesting in buying a product is not able to zoom in, he may not feel comfortable buying it. Low-resolution or low-quality images also are of no use because it doesn’t allow the user to see details properly. A user wants high-resolution images to see details of the product. But still, more than 40% of mobile e-commerce sites don’t allow their product page images to be enlarged. So, an e-commerce mobile app design should support zoom feature.

Use of well-labeled & descriptive form:

It’s important that the UX design of an e-commerce app allows users to complete forms as quickly as possible. Place form labels on the forms to improve the readability, ease of use and clarity. Explain why certain details are needed will reduce user’s stress when filling out such lengthy forms on their mobile phones. Use of steppers instead of drop-down menus is also a good idea because of its increase or decrease in value by a constant amount. Thus, this is also an important and basic aspect of an e-commerce mobile app design.


Design should give facility of Auto-Suggestion, Auto-Detection, Auto Address Fill, Inline input Validation:

Auto-Suggestion makes it faster and easier for the user to fill in the forms. It forecasts the common search queries and helps the buyers find products easily. Mobile app design further helps the users while filling credit and debit card details if once he has made the payment with the same card. Address lookup and validation accelerate the payment process – it helps the user in buying a product easily and speedily. If a user has made a mistake while giving details, inline input validation also helps the user to fix its errors immediately. These basic aspects of e-commerce mobile app design help the user in speeding up the whole process.


The latest features of E-Commerce mobile app design show that this is a big market and is growing exponentially. This level of growth has given e-commerce apps the chance of earning high levels of profits. If these basic aspects should get followed in any e-commerce mobile app design it’ll really benefit that company in earning higher revenues.

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