Basic Guide To Animation For Website Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 27th April 2016

Animation For WebsiteAnimation has gradually come up as one of the major assets for most of the designing projects. Modern websites treat animation as a crucial element for representing different information as it becomes easier to interpret the provided information by the user. This article is about few principles associated with creating animation for website. Let us explore few of them.


Object In Motion:-

Most of the animation projects make use of some type of motion. This is a vast area of graphic designing and require technical knowledge of motion graphics. When using motion graphics, the complexity of animation totally depends on the individual items present on your website. Like, a particular web element that is comparatively larger should have slower movement. Movement of small items should be a little faster and ultimately,  timing is of utmost importance.


Consistent Effect:-

While talking about consistent effect, we mean to say that design should be justified to the overall composition. Making use of animation for website is apt only when you are able to present it based on the information you want to present to the user. The animation effect should be chosen based on the theme of the website. Some of the animation features that you can make use of are fading, swinging, sliding etc.


Easing From Natural Motion:-

This is a very useful animation effect which helps separating the custom animation from a linear style. It can also be displayed as the data point graphing time and motion, to generate custom animation effect. Linear easing movement is in straight line like a linear graph while custom easing movement makes use of curve movement. On the other hand, easing function represents the rate of change of parameter over specified time.


Squash & Stretch:-

It is a one of the most popular techniques that is useful in animated or in-motion characters to provide them with a more exaggerated graphics.  Traditional animation is the foundation of all other forms, from 3D to UI design. Squash and Splash is considered as one of the 12 primary principles for creating animation. These principles are based on perception of the item’s weight on how they actually interact with other elements.

Intuition plays a very crucial role while creating animations for websites. It should be kept in mind that animation design incorporates endless scope in terms of skills that designers possess. Oodles Studio is one of the reputed companies specialized in providing web and mobile-based designing services. We specialize in creating animated videos, logo intros, explainer videos and other similar designing domains.

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