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Anuj Bisht | 29th September 2017

As we all know about the designs, design is something which we create through the graphics or we can say that represented through the graphics. So i am sharing with you the concept the thinking and the other important things which you have to keep in mind when you create the design. Let’s start with the basic things like when we start design something before start working on the design think about the design in your mind like in which concept or which kind of design you want to create, after that start working on that design which you decide in your mind. Now it’s very easy to design anything which you want to design. After that you have to search some reference images. It is also important to see because when you search the reference images you get the idea how all other are working on that image and how you have to start please don’t copy that image try to create something new that makes you unique.


Many people avoid to see the references because they are afraid of  making a same design which they saw, take references from images and create your own design mix match the designs and something which never before created. Use typography in your design because it is the best option to represent your thought you can easily write your thoughts in the design. After that try to create live or vector images in the background so that your graphic look more attractive. Vectors are in trend nowadays so if you create vector graphic that will be more than fine. Vector graphic is better because when you create vector graphic it will take time but the output is gives you the satisfaction of design point of view means vector design never pixelate or most important thing vector looks more appealing than the live images.

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Anuj Bisht

I am an experienced UI/UX designer, Responsible for creating the sketch, wireframe, prototype, and visual mockups. apart from that, I like traveling and singing.

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