Reasons Why You Should Opt For Online Video Making Services

Bharat | 5th September 2018

As the time is changing, the preferences of the people are also changing. Earlier the use of textual content for marketing was the primary focus of the companies. But now, as per the new statistics, more than 63% of the businesses are using video content for marketing purposes. Moreover, out of this 82 % of business houses take video marketing as an essential tool for their marketing strategy. Video content is growing at a very high pace and soon it will it will touch new heights. In this blog, I am going to tell you some of the beneficial reasons for opting online video making services.

Reasons Why You Should Go For Online Video Making Services:

Videos help companies raise its sales:

Video can help a company raise its revenues. A video of a product is helpful because in a video one can clearly explain each and every feature of a product. That’s why it becomes really easy for a customer to understand a product. Adding a video of a product along with its product line, helps a company maximize its revenues by 80%. According to the reports, Video content works suitably well regardless of the class in which you are creating it.

Google also favors video content:

Videos made the customer gets to stick to it, and hence the user spent more time on the website. Due to this, the trust on that website increases, and Google gets to know that the website has good quality content. Reports reveal that if your website is video-centered then your chances to get placed above on Google raises by 60%. Optimization of your videos on Youtube is also good for a website.

Videos also raise revenues:

Almost 85% of businesses say that because of having product-related videos on their website help them earn more revenues. The video production is also not an easy as well as low-cost task, but it has huge returns on investment. In Addition, the tools used for video editing purposes are gradually improving and are also becoming more economical. Nowadays, videos shot from the smartphones are not that bad. Users today won’t care about the quality of the video, else the most important thing on which they emphasize is the content quality.


Videos attract smartphone users:

The relation of smartphone and videos goes hand in hand. More than 90% of consumers like to watch product-related videos on their smartphones. According to Youtube, mobile videos are seen in a large number and its consumption is rising at the ratio of 100% per year. Videos audience is increasing in a big number because everyone has their own choice and internet-enabled smartphones give them liberty to watch whatever they wish for.


Trust is the base behind every sale. Content marketing is focussed on providing useful and engaging information. And watching a product’s videos becomes a really good medium between buyer and seller. It also lets a company improves its sales and revenues, because customers and search engines both are trusting good quality videos. Oodles Studio also provides online video making services for companies.

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