Benefits Of Mobile App Prototyping

Bharat | 10th September 2018

App development is a risky business, especially for the companies who are new to this field. Huge price tags and top-level of uncertainty is actually a poor combination for any business. For amateur companies, app development comes up as a bad business idea, with the overall cost abundantly increasing the original budget. If companies attempt to cut corners, it leads to some critical issues such as app crashes, confusing user interfaces or bad security that afterward causes high-user abundance rates. Thankfully, these issues can be addressed by mobile app prototyping.

A mobile app prototype is an active and responsive model of the end product. It tells about the design and navigation of the app to investors in order to maximize the efficiency of the development process. A prototype transforms an innovative vision into reality to align the customer’s needs with the goals of an organization. This is a fast and economical way to validate a product, however, it also has many unknown benefits.


Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping are:

Better clarity and understanding:

Clarity is the most crucial thing before starting app development. If there’s any doubt in any aspect of the app, the results may surprise the shareholders. Shared presentations of functionalities, user-flow, and even look and feel is hard to achieve without visuals which is why an app prototype is so beneficial. By building interactions, interface, and visuals in the prototype, all shareholders can view and interact with the application before investing their money in developing it. By this, the shareholders get ensured that the purpose of developing the app is exactly the same as intended.

Exploring new ideas and improving an app:

Mobile app prototyping supports an idea and also allows exploring new ideas and solutions very early in the app development process. During the prototyping phase, user testing helps in identifying possible improvements. A prototype is the foundation of a product that can help in improving or amending it. User testing helps in getting new ideas and also lets the team know in which direction they have to take the development. It saves a lot of money as it gives solutions to problems very early during the development process. Because in the beginning, it costs less in rectifying a problem.


Stakeholder’s involvement & funding:

An app prototype involves the stakeholders and clients in the development process. It also allows the developers and designers to come up with new ideas and discuss feedback with clients and users. Due to this, the end product is having a company’s own ideas and features. With the involvement of client, shareholders, developers, and designers, the problems get discussed in details. Before investing, shareholders have a proper idea of their final product. It also lets them know that the product is worthy as per their investment or not.


Mobile app development is not an easy task; you have to be aware of every little detail of this business. Creating a mobile app prototype costs less as compared to its immense benefits like better clarity, understanding, exploring new ideas, improving an app, stakeholder’s involvement, and funding. So, designing a prototype is actually one of the best ideas for developing a mobile app.

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