The Best Designing Tools for typography and stock graphics

Kritika Jain | 28th September 2018

The best designing tools for typography and stock graphics-

Typography tools

  1. Google fonts– Google fonts is one of the most popular websites to find and use high-quality fonts for your website.
  2. Typecast– You can create visuals and semantic designs that put type first.
  3. What Font is-  If you want to find the text from an image, now its very simple to do,  just upload your image on this site and this easily determines its font family to you.
  4. Font squirrel- Take advantage of the best database of free fonts.
  5. Typelight- You can edit and convert every open type font.
  6. Typekit– You can get access to a huge bundle of premium fonts.
  7. Fontstruct– Fontstruct allows you to create your own fonts from the ground up.
  8. 1001 Fonts- It scans a huge library of fonts for personal or commercial use.
  9. Fontflame- We can say it works as tinder for fonts. Swipe to find the best match.
  10. Font face Ninja– Identify the cool fonts on the page you are browsing.

Stock photos

  1. Pixabay- You can browse and download high-quality images under  CC0 license.
  2. Unspalsh- You can get 10 new incredible beautiful images every day(CC0).
  3. Gratisography-  Ryan McGuire takes thousand of an exquisite picture. Get them all, Free of use.
  4. New Old Stock- Download vintage pictures from public archives.
  5. Stocksy- Download beautiful and distinctive royalty-free stock images.
  6. Adobe Stock- Find the perfect asset for your creative project.
  7. Splitshire- Web designer Daniel Nanescu shares hundreds of gorgeous CC0 licenses.
  8. Pexels- Get access to the best free stock photos.
  9. Zoomy- Free Stock photos from different sources gathered in one desktop app.
  10. Death to stock photos- Received original pictures in your email every month.

Stock Graphics

  1. The Noun Project- Find black & white simple icons and glyphs. Require to give credit.
  2. Flat icons- A large icon database made by designers. Requires to give credit.
  3. Iconfinder- A powerful search engine for free icons. Requires to give credit.
  4. Iconjar- An app to store all your icon in one place. For Mac only.

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