Best And Free Photoshop Brushes Majorly Used By Designers

Bharat | 18th October 2018

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor invented by Adobe Systems for Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. After the development of Photoshop, it has become the industry standard in raster graphics editing. In Photoshop, brushes play a really important role. They save a lot of time as they allow you to speedily create highly rich artwork without drawing individual design elements. But before this, you must have a look at tips to optimize Photoshop. There are a large number of brushes available, from fabric textures to leaf design, glass shatter to cloud pattern etc. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the best and free Photoshop brushes majorly used by the designers.



Best and free photoshop brushes majorly used by the designers are:

Painting Photoshop brushes:

Gouache brush:

Normally we have to pay for the famous Woodland Wonderland’s Gouache pack of natural media photoshop brushes. But now there are many links available on the internet that will lead you to a free sample pack of Gouache Photoshop brush and other sets of brushes by giving your email address in exchange.

Thick acrylic paint strokes:

The second version of a well-known free photoshop brushes built by Creative Nerds, thick Acrylic Paint Strokes Vol 2 lets you rapidly add a tremendous paint effect to your illustrations. These brushes are free for personal use as well as commercial work.

Natural Photoshop brushes:

Hairbrush set:

This set of free Photoshop brush helps you create pragmatic hair effects. It combines them together for many varieties of effects. This toolset is created by digital artist Lee Alex Pearce.

Grass or fur brushes:

Set of 10 brushes is way better than adding grassy details to your Photoshop paintings. There are different varieties of styles to choose from. Also, you can create as per your choice from the dry patches of grass. In this tool, you can also make great fur by switching the colors.



Grunge Photoshop brushes:

Standard Issue Subtle Texture brushes:

Normally a person pays the price of $15 for RetroSupply’s amazing set of grunge photoshop brushes, the Standard Issue Subtle Brush kit. But an illustration resource site is providing this kit for free with some other premium brushes and for this, you have to just sign up on the website.

Rough paint strokes:

This tool is perfect for suggesting a half-finished paint job. This high-resolution photoshop brush is free on the internet and can be used for both personal as well as commercial work.

Fantasy Photoshop brushes:

Circular halftone brush set:

This halftone brush set is really good if we are painting comic art. We can use it for comic style shading in the designs. Designers use this high-resolution brush for both commercial and personal work.

Sketchy cartography brushes:

This tool creates a hobbit-style map with sketchy cartography brushes from Deviant Art user StarRaven. This pack incorporates buildings, trees, grass, mountains, and a variety of symbols. This tool also includes a transparent PNG file having all the images.


In a nutshell, this blog tells about the tools which are free as per the cost is concerned. Painting Photoshop brushes, natural Photoshop brushes, grunge Photoshop brushes, and fantasy Photoshop brushes are the brushes which are best free Photoshop brushes majorly used by the designers.

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