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Shalini Tyagi | 8th February 2018

Those days are gone when people were mostly involved in reading the content online. Nowadays, more than content the site or design has to look more interesting and attractive with eye-catchy graphics and visuals, the user gets convinced to stay on the site.


These graphics play a vital role in creating the layout of your design. In order to design such eye-catchy visuals, you will be requiring a graphic design software that will help you in revamping the images and content of the design. Below are some best Softwares for designers.

Adobe Photoshop:

It is a powerful raster based graphics software. Designers can easily merge multiple images and can even remove unwanted objects from the image. We can design websites, mobile apps, icons, banners, etc. on it. It also offers some basic and important features for designers like clone stamp, smart object, pen tool, gradient color, etc. There is one timeline option also in which gif video is created. There are many more features for which adobe photoshop is considered one of the best designing software for UI designers as well as graphic designers.

Adobe Illustrator:

 When you thinking of print design, think Illustrator. It is a vector based graphics software. It is basically used for designing vector images like icons, logo, sketches, illustrations, not raster. Using this software features one can easily design print layouts. Adding to this, It also has flexible artboard workspace which makes it easy to experiment with ideas before you finalize them—all in the same place.

Adobe Indesign:

InDesign is used for creating clean layouts for desktop and mobile devices alike. Adobe InDesign is ideal for layout design usages like online magazines and also used for designing print projects like stationery, printed books, brochures, annual reports, posters, and more. It has great flexibility as it allows you to easily drag-drop layers and you can resize images with no difficulty.

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Shalini Tyagi

Shalini is an experienced Graphic designer having key skills in typography, color selection. Always keen to experiment something new in designing.

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