3 Cutting Edge Technologies To Boost Website Performance

Saurabh Tiwary | 21st June 2016

In the evolving age of web designing, everyone has to keep them posted with up-to-date technologies and make use of latest in trend designing stuff to keep their ball rolling. Apart from employing interactive UI and UX, it is equally important to speed up your website so as to get most out of it. So, here are 3 latest technologies which when employed, can effectively boost your Website Performance.

3 Cutting Edge Technologies To Boost Website Performance


HTTP/2 is a new version of World Wide Web protocol that was published in May 2015 and began to support in second half of the year.

  • A major improvement over its previous version is multiplexing, the ability to accept multiple requests in a single connection.
  • HTTP/1 was capable of loading a large image and performed poorly while loading several small images together. i.e. it failed to fulfill multiple requests at the same time. However, HTTP/2 can handle multiple requests enhancing your Website Performance.
  • HTTP/2 allows compression of headers before the requested data is being sent thereby simplifying data transmission.
  • Additionally, the new version of HTTP is binary, meaning not textual like its previous version, which can boost website speed up to 50%.
  • You need to have SSL certificate in order to move to HTTP/2. Although HTTP/2 doesn’t require a secured website directly, but browsers only support it over SSL.
  • Currently, 7% of websites are using HTTP/2



Brotli is a newly announced compression Algorithm by Google that can reduce the size of the transported data that help you enhance Website Performance.

  • Compared to the other compression solutions, Brotli provides 20-26% better compression ratio that can save upto 40% of traffic on HTML files and upto 25% on CSS and Javascript.
  • Brotli is currently supported by Chrome and Firefox. However, it is anticipated that some other browsers will also support Brotli in near future.
  • Talking about servers; Apache, Node.js and Nginx require installation. However, no servers support Brotli by default as yet.


SSL Certificate

SSL is primarily used to keep encrypt sensitive information which is sent across the Internet so that it can only be understood by the intended recipient. When you use an SSL certificate, the information that is being sent becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server where information is being sent to. There are various ways to get these certificates for free.

One way to get it through Let’s Encrypt that released public beta version in April 2016. The advantage of using Let’s Encrypt is to restrict users from going through manual processes and its automated process takes just few minutes to get the job done.


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