Brand Identity Design Practices That Really Work

Saurabh Tiwary | 7th November 2016

One of the major challenges for the website owners nowadays is to evolve as a brand. Being perceived as a renowned organisation is not a thing of a day or two. It takes years of efforts and consistent walk through that leads a startup to have achieved a brand identity status. Getting your business website designed or dropping your developed app in the app store won’t alone work out. You also need to promote your products and services to get most out of your site.

To do so, a number of marketing approaches are brought in. But, promoting your product by means of marketing is a continuous process and one can’t alone rely on that in the long run. That is why we need to look for something that may help us ease our marketing goals. And there comes brand identity design.

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What Is Brand Identity?

Before stepping into the further details, it is important to understand one of the important aspects of web design i.e. UX and UI. User Experience(UX) which is an umbrella term is all about how you feel while exploring your website. On the other hand, User Interface(UI) is about designing interactions for the websites to provide better usability of the websites.

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Brand Identity refers to how a company or an organisation wants to be perceived by customers. Brands make efforts to set up a clear communication with its audience. Some of the techniques include the use of logos, brand name etc. to create brand awareness.

Best Practices In Brand Identity Design

Some of the most effective ways to have a better brand impact are the smart use of color schemes, layout themes, navigation design etc. To achieve this, we bring to you some of the proven strategies that have been found working well. From a professional logo designer to the web design service providers, everything has to be done carefully to get most out of your brand.

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Let’s take a look.

  • Make use of shades of gray, then add colors. Begin with a blank wireframe, then proceed to add color and photography.
  • Use a consistent font that is styled for your company.
  • Employ social media icons at the footer of the page.
  • Simplify website navigation by getting rid of drop down menus and reduce the number of links.
  • Keep everything simple as minimalist is the new designing trend. Highlight the most important component. Less is more.
  • Make a thorough study of your competitors and emulate the important points.
  • Make use of Visual Hierarchy as things separated by some space have a sound impact on our eye. One good way is to introduce negative space in your design.
  • Make sure colors blend pretty well, the font is legitimate and consistent with the theme.
  • Give equal importance to the mobile site as well as it is accessed in same or more proportion.
  • The major objective is to keep it uniform and persistent throughout while conveying your message.
  • It is important to note that brand identity is something that you want your consumer to get out of your website. Being too creative is not a good move and can often shadow the image you are trying to portray.

By going behind the practices of what goals you want to achieve, there is no reason why your brand identity design will fail in any way. Brand Identity is a very important aspect of every organisation and hence every care needs to be taken to deliver the message of your brand.

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