5 Viable Tips for Business Logo and Brand Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 28th February 2017

Brand design approaches tend to evolve over time. Practices that worked about decade ago are far from being effective today. The trend of digital branding and marketing has given rise to several new techniques that seem to work in a more better way. Logo and Brand Design is one of them.


Today, the advertising media or the branding approach that we follow is vast. For an instance, to create a business ad. you might choose to go with print media or an online advertisement over the internet. In either of the scenarios, you might need to have a copy of your business logo attached to the advertisement.

However, for different media applications, you need to have a flexible logo affixed to your design in order to achieve brand identity design goals. This article will guide you through some of the most effective ways to strengthen your brand design goals.


1. Business Logo and Brand Design

Talking independently about the brand design without a business logo is like driving a car without petrol. Say, one of your consumers visits your store or logs into your website, and you have a usual design implemented on your website, then the user might not have the sense of brand.

But, if you have carried out all the design works with a planned branding strategy, they possess the first impression about your company partly by your logo. If you have got a professionally well-crafted business logo, it is more likely to assist customers and feel like your business is a professional one too.

Moreover, a creative and memorable logo will surely inspire customers to remember you when the time is right. A business logo portrays a unique identity of your brand where you are more likely to convert.

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2. Keep It Glanceable

The current content browsing style demands quick brand storytelling. It means that visitors would love to perceive entire brand picture in one quick view. Everything from brand values to objectives and differentiators needs to be portrayed in the least possible way.

3. More Actions fewer Words

It is found that a good branding strategy allows users to build relationships with brands. Similar to the human relationships where people judge by your behavior and personality, the brand design is all about the brand behaviors.

So, a brand is not what you describe, but what it actually says. Brand design is more about what it does and how it is perceived.


4. Provide a Stable Asset

In some cases, the product might fail, companies are sold and bought, but it is the brand that is carried on through all these phases. In fact, the brand is the most sustainable asset for any organization and, when aligned with the overall strategy of the organization, it becomes the central organizing principle for every decision. So, while making any decisions, a brand owner must take into the account their brand value.


5. Encourage User Participation

When you start building your Brand, keep in mind that people support what they help create and engage. So, active participation is very crucial. Create something that allows users to recreate with your design and can be a part of it.

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