5 Website Components you are Missing in your Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 16th January 2017

In spite of best of the user interface design practices, it is likely you might sometimes fail to hit some of the crucial web elements. The modern UI design witnesses a change every day and eventually, the audience will be attracted to the modern design. The design field progresses by making a useful combination of art, design, and functionality. When all these components ‘work’ in harmony, your work will be undeniable and ultimately help your design get most out of it.

5 Website Components you are Missing in your Design

Check out the major website components missing those might adversely affect the Website User Experience. These are applicable to every design type.

  1. Lack of Uniqueness


When you talk about designing a new website, it’s all about creating something that’s purely new. Taking inspiration might be a good way to go, but your objective must be to come up with a unique design identity. Every element, be it a style guide or pattern library, everything defines uniqueness of your design.


Design should attract and must be easily memorable to the users to create “awareness”

Storytelling approach is a good way to go with the website content where you can bring uniqueness.



  1. No Call to Action


No Call to Action(CTA) button accounts for the lack of intuitiveness in the design. As a designer, your objective is to trigger user behavior. Moreover, invite visitors and guide them to take an immediate action. Call to Action buttons motivates visitors to take an action. These could be any type of button such as the form of newsletter signups, ‘buy now’, ‘Contact US’ etc. CTA buttons not only drives traffic to your website, but it also influences engagement and conversion rates.

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  1. Missing Search Box


A visitor might land on your website in a number of ways. Either organically through Search Engines or via Social Media or referral traffic. They might also like the meta text in the search engine and click your link. So, most likely they need to access what they want to. Sometimes, your UI might not facilitate users to find what they are looking for. In those scenarios, they might need a Search Button to locate a specific content.


UI Designers can incorporate search buttons to help visitors find the actual content on the website. These features are also built in with CMS like WordPress. Having a search box on the website homepage improves the User Experience overall and therefore every website should have a search functionality on their website.



  1. Slow Loading


Even the best-in-class UI won’t prove usable if your website takes more than usual time to load. Slow websites result in poor website user experience with high bounce rates. Too many scripts and requests with no image optimization are some of the major barriers to the fast websites.  Visually appealing and interactive UI needs too many optimization. The optimization helps increased web performance and it also helps in improving SERP.



  1. Inadaptability to Mobile Devices


It is a common belief among the mobile users that if a business website is not well-accessible to the mobile devices, Business organization might not be careful about their services. This can portray a poor brand image to the users. Not designing a responsive website is as good as not owning a website at all. Almost every type of website should focus on achieving responsive design and businesses must have it in order to give them online plausibility.



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