4 Reasons Why Business Websites Should Not Use CMS

Saurabh Tiwary | 17th November 2016

The need for the business websites design has shot up in recent years. As a result, we are seeing more number of business companies going live through such websites. A well-designed website is very useful when we talk about reaching a large number of customers over the globe. However, such websites are quite different from the usual sites and possess expertise in attracting customers.

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The Anatomy of Business Websites

The design of a business website may vary depending on the goals and the users being focused. Today, in most of the website design applications, Content Management System(CMS) are widely used to provide the best site design experiences to the designers. CMSs are handy in managing various types of content on the website.

In spite of all the usefulness offered by the CMS tools, they still can’t do their part in designing websites for businesses. However, CMS can still be useful in designing other types of websites such as personal blogs or sites that are meant for providing certain types of information. Now, let me walk you through some of the needs of the business websites where employing CMS is not enough.

Why Business Websites Should Refrain From Using Content Management System(CMS)?

There are a number of reasons why we should not use CMS while designing websites meant to promote any business. CMSs are not as customizable, as it is required to list out too many products on the web page.

CMS is Not Very Useful in Editorial Content Type

CMSs are handy when we need to decentralize the website content. However, in the case of business design, we might need to have the central control to modify the internal structure of the design. Although it might seem complicated, but there exist no better alternative which can ease the task. To deal with it, you might need some content editing experts for customizing the content structure.

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Such Designs Are Not Very Effective From Business Perspectives

You might be amazed to know that today even e-commerce giants have switched to CMS for some convenience. But, we need to understand that they also employ a large number of backend developers and content editors to provide best of the customer experiences. Only CMS alone can’t help.

In an ideal business website design, entrepreneurs have not been able to create an out of the box design.  Either these designs were not one of its types or the modified version of a template. This is not what we can expect a business website to be like.

The Information Architecture Offered by CMS Does Not Meet User Needs

The major drawback of a CMS-based website is that it does not focus on the user needs. Instead, it shapes the content in an organizational structure. If you closely look at some organizations having CMS driven websites, they possess similar internal structure.

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The major concern with this approach is that users cannot treat everything in terms of organizational structure. Their aim is to accomplish the task. For an example, a user who wants to buy a book would not love to go through your entire listing or categories. That is why organizational IA is entirely ineffective and only annoys the users.

No Focus on Call To Action(CTA)

Call To Action buttons are indispensable needs of every business website. But so far, no CMS is focusing on promoting CTA buttons. CTAs are the best tools when we talk about designing web interfaces that really work. The focus is only on providing the information in detail. So, we can conclude that CMS is not a good way to go with CTA designs.

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