The Myths and Misconceptions About Design

Oindrila Saha | 31st January 2017

“Design is what it looks like” – this is a common thing that I often hear, and it is actually a misconception. As a designer myself, I would like to state that the game is completely different. Design is not just how it looks, but how it works.

Again, some has another way of saying the same thing – “form should follow function”. And, I again disagree. It is important to understand that Interactive design is not graphic design, rather it is product design. We, information designers learn from things that we touch and not from what we see.

I would want to stretch it a bit more and explain it a little more. Today, we live in an era where information design influences graphic design and it is not the other way round. In case you are thinking so, following the common trend in web design promoted by irrefutable usability studies.

It is definitely not your mistake to think so, when the printed texts are split up in to small parts, fonts in newspapers and magazines have become bigger, business cards say hello and posters have become scan-able. The pour out of information requires systematic and modular order, and this can only be possible with information design and not just with the graphic design.

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