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Aditya Kumar | 5th August 2019

In all over the world if two people want to communicate with each other, then the most important thing is medium. The medium may be any languages, symbols, gestures, etc.

In the same manner for any user interface.”Button” do the same thing. The button is most vital for the UI that provides a link between user and design.

“Button lack your choices, just in a single click”

Few common buttons-

The most commonly used buttons are- radio buttons, submit, reset, etc. But if we talk about nature of button and their perfectly use then other is a list of that.

  1. Dropdown Button
  2. CTA Button
  3. Ghost button
  4. Expandable button
  5. Dynamic download button
  6. paddle Switch
  7. Realistic button
  8. Menu Button

Dropdown Button – With the help of the drop-down button, we display a drop-down list of mutually exclusive items, by clicking it.

CTA Button – CTA- call to action you can use this button in the website to guide users towards your goal, conversion.

Some examples of CTA

  1. Add to cart button
  2. Download button

Ghost button – We called it ghost button because it looks transparent and empty, also known as “empty” hollow. It covered by very thin line with plain text.

Expandable button – It opens several options after being clicked or tapped. It provides the flow of interactions without any lead of screen.

Dynamic download button – This is the new concept to design button, it is a combination of the download button and progress Bar. It reduces the waiting time of users to download the content of the webpage.

Paddle Switch – This is one of the most creative buttons. It shows the sliding button with great visual effect. We can make it more effective and attractive with 2D/3D.

Realistic button – You can design this button with a glowing effect. It is the most innovative idea to design buttons for websites and mobile apps for getting a number of clicks.

Menu Button – It shows the drop-down options, also mark the switch menu button, is the best replacement of a dropdown menu that shows option one by one. These are the few best menus that can improve your design.

Conclusion –  In this blog, I have written about buttons. The button is most vital for the UI that provides a link between user and design. The most commonly used buttons are- radio buttons, submit, reset, etc. Providers of the Ui Ux design services said these buttons gives attractive user interface design which are highly appreciated by their clients.


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Aditya is a UI/UX Designer having key skills in designing, his hobbies are designing new ideas and concepts in App and Web Layouts.

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