Canva: One Of The Best Designing Tools For Non-Designers

Bharat | 7th August 2018

Canva is one of the simple and easier designing tools for non-designers that allow them to create designs on the go. It is free of cost, a user can signup with his Email or Facebook ID and can start working on it, with a friendly drag and drop interface to help the user. It just takes a few minutes for you to get familiar with the tool and begin creating fresh designs.

Why Canva Is One Of The Best Designing Tools For Non-Designers:

a) Social media posts – A non-designer can create social media posts like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

b) Blog Images – Creating blog images is an easy task with a tool like Canva.

c) PowerPoint Presentations – This tool also helps in making good PowerPoint presentations.

d) Print Material – Creation of printing material like posters, menus, and invitation letters has become very easy with Canva.

Canva tool enables a user to drag and drop the pre-built layouts, fonts, elements, and backgrounds onto a template. The tools provided in Canva are very instinctive, making it a suitable option for those users who have no knowledge or very less expertise in digital designing.


Advantages Of Image Content

Images are an integrated part of the online user interface and user experience. A study shows that more than 65% of the total population learns from the visual information. These people learn quickly through images and videos. The demand for visual content creates an immense impact, due to which web pages receive internet traffic. Analytics reports show that websites having powerful and convincing pictures, get 94% more views than those without pictures. Graphic pictures are crucial for reaching to the target customers through images only via social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. A picture is way more powerful than a thousand words, and a social platform like Twitter only permits 140 characters to its users, graphic pictures let you do much more with your content.

Why We Need Canva?

There are many reasons which make Canva as one of the best designing tools for non-designers. Canva’s fame has grown a lot in the last few years. More than 2 million users, 2,00,000 organizations and 40% of Fortune 500 companies make use of Canva. As stated, Canva is a friendly and easy to handle tool for those having less time and expertise to create high-standard graphic pictures for online and print use. It is free to use, having tons of stock photographs, illustrations, and vectors, advanced picture editing tools, and filters, a cloud-based system to save designs.

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