The challenges Designers Face While Designing For Blockchain

Bharat | 26th July 2018

The Blockchain technology one of the most inventive and life-changing technologies that we have seen in recent years. This technology is behind the famous digital currency networks like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum etc. Also, it has the potential to drastically amend the way we make payments. It appears to be simple but extremely dominant and its significance and uses are limitless. It’s not restrained to financial affairs but can be used in intellectual property, stocks, art, etc. Some experts say it can unleash the power of IOT, some say it will take us to a new phase of the internet of value. In this blog, I will talk about the challenges designers face while designing for blockchain.

The challenges designers face while designing for blockchain

How does the platform behind blockchain work?

In this platform, credit companies from countries where the interest rates are comparatively higher, start their own fundraising schemes. Investors from countries where the interest rates are comparatively cheaper can find and opt for the foremost investment option in the platform, invest, and follow their investment, and achieve higher returns.


Common actions — user goals

As interaction designers, when we are designing for blockchain, we need to keep this thing in mind that it is not about the user interface, it’s about what people really want to do. To come up with some of the great designs, we need to know who those people are and what are the tasks they want to execute. To be able to design the UX and achieve a stage of usability that authorizes a person to use that particular platform, even not knowing much about the blockchain technology, we needed to thoroughly understand the potential brought by the technology but mainly understand its pain-points, and its limitations.

The Analysis resulted in the following parameters:

The important challenge while designing for blockchain ( the latest technology ) that can actually revolutionize the world as we know it. But that has not happened through to its mark, as blockchain, is to make it user-friendly, and doing this is not an easy task. Translating the technical view, collecting engineering results into feasible interfaces can be a bit challenging. The tactics and strategy are more emphasized on starting simple and improving gradually, providing essential characteristics to run the platform with satisfactory UX, and constantly grow it based on our real user’s feedback. After designing interfaces based on prototypes and wireframes from each main user stories, and the feedback we get from this, we conclude that main insight which a designer has to improve is the usability.

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