6 Reasons Why You Should Refrain From Using CMS

Saurabh Tiwary | 8th August 2016

Thinking of designing a website without a Content Management System may seem like riding a bicycle without pedals. Content Management System (CMS) makes it quite convenient for a user to manage the content of a website. This constructive nature of CMS has led every designer to employ it in the web design considering it as an indispensable tool for design applications.


Disadvantages Of CMS

Although they can turn out to be a handy tool for a number of designing scenarios, however, there are several negative aspects that can restrain some of the website administrators to use it for managing their content.

  • Any security issues associated with your content management tool can have the impact on the security of your website as well.
  • When you are working for your client, you need to agree over all terms and conditions such as failure and security of your website’s information. Using a  software for your client’s project is a big challenge and bears dependency on third party software i.e. CMS. Any failure to the system may expose you and impact the loyalty of your company or brand towards your customers. Even though it was not the failure on your behalf, your client is likely to question you.
  • In a number of smaller sites that don’t actually need access to the full range of technologies offered by these tools, making use of a CMS is like overkilling, that often act as a steep learning curve for a client.
  • CMS products refrain you from creating semantically structured source code which is often more helpful.
  • Most of the CMS products introduce bloat into your pages which can substantially increase the page load time and degrade performance.
  • Some of the CMS products are not considered SEO-friendly and you need to additionally look into the settings to make your pages crawl-able. Additionally, you won’t be completely relying on the plugins.

The Bottomline

Using a CMS has several advantages to the designers, developers and the content managers for rapid development and also to some extent, accessibility to the advanced features. And under many circumstances, a content management system is a great way to go for your website, but in several other situations, employing a CMS can limit the way you design a website. On paper, a it is a great tool! But practically, we must realize the fact that it isn’t the only solution out there. It’s just one of the many tools to be used in your design process. 

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