Why Orange is the most Controversial Color in Web Design?

Saurabh Tiwary | 22nd February 2017

Colors are the integral part of any design project. Moreover, colors speak their own language and can be a great tool for designers to hit the minds of the users. The study of color theory is indispensable for every UI and the UX enthusiast.

Among the colors that are mostly used, orange color is considered as the most effective as well as the most controversial color. People are either fond of orange color or get annoyed with it.

In this article, we will be studying orange: the meaning, and several color mixes. Depending on the application, Orange can have either positive or negative impact. Minute details such as the hue and its saturation with red or yellow can feel a bit aggressive or more happy and warm. In general, orange is thought to impart heat and energy.

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Shades of Orange Color

In the majority of pure forms, orange color stirs up the color confusions. The color associations that people have with the orange are very strong. As we know orange is a high-visibility color that catches people attention in every department be it a  web publication or print media.  Hence, it can make an awesome accent color.


Orange demonstrates fire and the sun and is very likely to stimulate the brain and appetite. This color also represents nature and the autumn.

On the other side, pale hues can be relieving and have a number of appeal to men and women. When we talk about bright orange, they are very much accepted by younger people than older generations.

Some of the common negative associations of this color include rudeness,crassness, and frivolity.

Dark orange:

Slightly darker shades of orange possess the most negative associations viz. Deceitfulness, unworthiness etc.


These tones of orange are the most earthy version of the oranges, specifically when the colors are a bit toned to take after the shades of beige. Peach tones tend to have a broad appeal and are often considered as a feminine color.



This combination is even more aggressive version of orange as because of the extra red and has some of the similar associations like other versions of orange. Red-orange can be used to describe desire, aggression, dominance, passion, and action.

Gold or yellow-orange:  

Most of the yellow hues are thought to be the prestigious when they yield a golden color. Yellow-oranges are linked to wealth, smarts, quality and illumination.



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