Color Harmonies And Schemes

Kritika Jain | 28th September 2018

Few color combinations look very pleasing and soothing, while others are stressful and abrasive to look at.
Why is that? Basically, it’s based on the theory of color wheel. Color harmonies (or color schemes)have two or more colors in a fixed relation on the wheel. In this blog, we will discuss 6 most common color schemes that will be based on 12-point RYB color wheel.

1.Complementary Colors-
Complementary colors are those colors which are directly opposite to each other on the color wheel. Complementary colors have very strong contrast, So it is helpful for the designers to choose one dominant color for the background use and another color to highlight the important elements of the page.

2. Analogous Colors-
Analogous colors positioned on either side of any given color. Analogous color combination schemes are harmonious and eye-catching. Those color mix well and create tranquil and comfortable designs.

3. Triadic Colors-
The triadic color scheme based on combinations of three powerful colors which are positioned at 120 degrees from each other on the color wheel. This color harmony is considered as one of the best color schemes by some people. You can use one color for a background and the rest two colors for content and the highlighted sections.

4. Split-Complementary Colors-
We can say, The split-complementary color scheme is a distinct version of the complementary color scheme that we just discussed in the first point of this blog. This scheme allows you to have one base color, it uses the two colors adjacent to its complement. Split complementary colors have a great degree of contrast, Still, Split-Complementary Color scheme is not as extreme as complementary colors, which provide a great harmony.

5. Rectangular Colors-The rectangular is also known as a tetradic color scheme. This scheme is based on the arrangements of four colors into two complementary pairs of color. This prolific color scheme offers a large number of possibilities for variation.

6. Square Colors-
It is similar to the rectangular scheme, but all four colors placed evenly around the color wheel. Square Colors scheme offers the great number of possible color combinations—that can create a problem for good harmony. So stay very very careful while using square color schemes in your design.

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