Knowing About Color, Psychology and Design

Akhila Raju | 29th June 2018

Colors have a profound effect on the use of websites and apps. A very bad choice of color makes the user experience in a different negative way. Which also might make the app or website unusable. The information here features the most common thoughts and opinions of people.

Deep Effect of Color Saturation

How much gray a color has in the app or website will affect how it appears. Saturated colors are dynamic, attention seeking and a feast for the eyes.

They slow websites and app users down, which is why they are mostly used for links, alerts, and buttons.

Bright and dark colors which are desaturated are used for backgrounds, menus, and panels because they never grab attention and user’s concentration won’t be interrupted.

User-friendly and professional colors which are brightly desaturated are very serious and good.

Color and Usability

The design isn’t just about looking good. it’s about how the website/app are working and how its usability is, If the UX isn’t smooth, It won’t matter how beautiful the colors are or how good the UI is. If a user can’t swipe efficiently, no one is going to open it again.

But what does color have to do with all of that?

Simple: a color is a tool that can help guide the eye. Use the color efficiently, you will be able to guide a new user in the app without videos or any tutorials.

How Colors Make People Think and Feel

Colors are very important in the day to day daily life because it affects how we think, how we feel, what we see and are mostly connected with our emotions.


This color represents danger or an action that may have a negative impact. It may also be used to draw attention. Red is sometimes associated with confidence, and many times is used to highlight important things that matter.


This color is connected with energy and people suggests that old people like more softer hues while younger to the bold colors.


A yellow connects with happiness, alertness, and energy, whereas its lighter tone connects more with confidence and clarity. It’s the main primary color that we associate with the sun and with the brightness which is coming from a light bulb.


Green is connected with emotions of comfort and nature, but dark tones of green are linked/associated with riches. Many associate it with nature,  The Inhabitable website for sustainable development makes use of green.


Blue is said to reflect the calm, safety, and reliability. It’s a wise color to use because customers tend to feel more at ease with it. Many business sectors widely use blue because it’s a corporate color, you can find it on many websites in the corporate world. 


This color is linked with stability and even reliability. It generates a rustic, old-fashioned feel, perfect for outdoor sites, or even for organic products. The brown idea with woods also suggests stableness and reliability.


Black is the strongest of all colors, it attracts attention much faster than other colors, even red-that is the reason for it to be used more widely for text and accents. When we use an important component in colors, black creates emotions.


White accents other colors around it, making it a secondary color. When white is the dominant color, its quality can be overwhelming. If your white site seems too clear or sharp, try an offshoot of white, use ivory and cream color combinations. We can use a wide range of whites to make the elements look decent.


Gray represents neutrality. If your site or app uses cool colors, then a gray mixed with a tint of a cool color would surely compliment it. If warm colors are used then a gray mixed with a tint of a warm color would surely complement the design.

By altering its shade, gray can take on the characteristics of either black or white. It makes it easy for the users to choose the right and perfect click. Dropbox has CTA buttons Sign up for free in grey to highlight so that users are able to find the right button really fast

Thought color is important, especially with branding, you must remember that it is a small part of a bigger thing that is your website/app design and its usability.

We need to concentrate more on the usability and avoid the negative effects that poor color choices may have.


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