Colors To Avoid In An Ecommerce Design

Neeraj Charaya | 5th June 2018

Building an e-commerce site that customers feel connected to, comes down in two important parameters that are testing of the small stuff and understanding psychology of human beings. When it comes to web design, colors play an important role in increasing conversions, reducing bounce rate and ensuring better user experience. We often see websites compromise on readability by using light-colored text on light backgrounds. Also, it’s not considered ok, if you are using so many dark colors for building a website. In this blog, I will tell you some colors to avoid in Ecommerce design.

Colors To Avoid In Ecommerce Design Are:


While using neons, it is indisputable that they are so appealing and stunning, as well as add many pops to a design. Nevertheless, neons will not work in every situation. It may bring strain to visitors eyes when they look at the design. Most of the problems come from pairing dark or light backgrounds, neons usually distract users from focussing on the main message in the design. A suggestion mentioned is removing some of the brightness, so there will be some dark space on screens.

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Vibrating Colours:

It is seen when we pair the highly saturated colors. It seems to blur, at first is quite interesting but if people work with them in a long time, they will not feel uncomfortable as it gives pain to their eyes. From the unpleasant, it may cause the nullifying. The most typical example is the decoration time for Christmas Eve when people combine two bright colors together to make a theme that is bright red and green. Two strong colors will undecipherable by people with color blindness. It had better separate them by a neutral color to create the contrast.

Two Light Colors:

It is not overstated that this a most common mistake of all people. It may be caused by your certain screen settings and the final result is content is too hard to read, even right at the first look. The major mistake is people use light-colored text on light backgrounds, which makes the text unreadable.


In a nutshell, we understand how people are making mistakes while creating E-commerce websites. Excess usage of neon, pairing of highly saturated vibrant colors, and use of two light colors simultaneously are few mistakes which must be avoided, while creating Ecommerce design.

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