Everything About Colors Convey Information

Ankur Kushwaha | 28th September 2018

Colors have the ability to evoke a response, create a mood, symbolize an idea, and express an emotion. Dissimilarity in particular aspects of color, like a change in value or intensity, can refine a color’s tone and meaning. Everyone has their own associations with color, but there are conscious and subconscious connotations too. Every color has its own set of connections which convey information, with the color itself acting as a symbol of ideas – both positive and negative. In this blog, I am going to tell you everything about colors convey information.

Sources of Color Meaning

All color meanings are comparative; these meanings are affected by various factors, including age, gender, personal experience, mood, ethnic identity, history, and tradition. Particular colors of a nation’s flag show how tradition, nationalism, and history impact color responses.

Color recognition

Color recognition based on gender, like as in the tradition of pink is for girls and blue is for boys, is both acquired and unsettling in children’s products.

Although, it is rare for male materials to be colored pink in any culture. Such differences between male/female are due to physiology or socialization? Nobody is sure about it, but a recent study found that more women than men have a favorite color. When asked for a preference between bright and soft colors, women mostly pick soft colors on the other hand men choose bright ones.


Human age is another important factor related to color explanation. Children and the elderly have an empathy for intense, bright colors. Adolescents like whatever their parents don’t want them to get into. In addition, a study showed the result of color on mood.

Case Study

Different types of people were placed in different rooms–one colorful and complex, the other gray and regular. The results showed stress and boredom in the people in the gray room, supporting the notion that color causes both physical and emotional responses, all of which could trigger judgments about specific colors.

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