All About Common Design Mistakes

Aditya Kumar | 28th September 2018

Designing a logo or any other design is not a cup of tea, it’s a very simple but serious work that involves a lot of aspects such as researching a company’s requirement and depicting its brand message. You have to take care of every single aspect of designing. In my current blog, I am going to tell you everything about common design mistakes.

If we take any logo or even a website of any MNC’s or other reputed company it will really impressive at behind every such design there is a good creative mind that creates all design purposely.

Design anything too carelessly can ruin all brand also there will be a bad impact on customers.

Below few Mistakes are mention that should be avoided by making a good logo or design

1 Undecidable Goal/Purpose- You will never get a good design if u want don’t have any purpose behind the design.
So once clear following things before starting to design

(1) Always keep in mind the client goal

(2) Target Audience

(3) Information should be emphasized

2 Directly Jump on design – Don’t ever directly start to make your design. The good idea is – the first plan then increase it without thinking anything start design is like spreading color on canvas but you never know what it will be actually,
so “think before action”

Do few sketch work before starting to make a design your sketch maybe not that perfect but you will get the idea by this layout

3 Perfect selection of font – The process of selecting font looks too easy, but you should be more careful with this process. Sometimes it is possible that you select a font style that difficult to read

Configuration MISTAKE:

Harsh or diminish lighting On the off chance that you’ve at any point invested any energy in a retail chain changing area, you realize that unforgiving overhead lighting is one of the most exceedingly awful approaches to enlighten a space. “Layering lighting around a room is dependably an incredible fix. Putting resources into a lovely overhead light bodes well (particularly in the event that you have children since it is hung high and, hence, something they can’t break),” says Ashley Meier of Ashley Meier Linens | Interiors. “Sconces and table and floor lights then approach to add optional lighting to a space to make it all the more outwardly fascinating, and in addition more practical. These lights can be turned on as required, yet that way you won’t wind up with a room that is excessively brutal or diminish.”

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Aditya is a UI/UX Designer having key skills in designing, his hobbies are designing new ideas and concepts in App and Web Layouts.

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