Comparing Logo, Identity And Brand Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 3rd August 2016

When we think of different aspects of web and graphic designing, we need to consider a number of aspects. One of the interesting aspects of Graphic Designing is the Logo Design. However, when we speak about Brand importance, in many cases, a logo might not be enough. Well-built organizations with multi-level management system need a kind of brand identity that provides a unique vision that help everyone build the brand. Apart from professional logo designing, brand design is equally important for companies.  Let’s take a look at  how a brand, an identity and a logo design differs.

Logo Identity & Brand Design

Brand Design-

A Brand or branding of an organization signifies to the perceived image and ensuing emotional response to a company and its products or  services. Apart from this, it also reveals the mindset of customers and what they talk about company among each other.

In general, a brand is the expectation, image, relationship, and point of view of a consumer towards a product that lets us know how likely they trust a product or service. One of the important factor to evaluate  brand is compute what value consumers are ready to pay depending on their trust based on the quality expectations from a company or an organization. So, brand design is very crucial.

Identity Design

An Identity portrays the visual devices often used to represent a company or an organization. These are the visual element packages which are combined with the style guidelines. Further, they are used as a framework to ensure that the corporate image is similar as well as consistent. The devices or visuals or other components can be a stationery, a marketing collateral, a packaging, or anything that holds any mark or icon pertaining to the brand design of the company.

Logo Design

Logo is a very crucial aspect of any brand design. A company’s Professional Logo Design is the central element as well as identifiable visual element that helps customers familiarize with the brand, share and remember that brand through developing brand identity. The usual form of a logo is similar to any icon, mark or symbol. It’s prime objective is to distinguish a company or a brand  and establish unique identity based on the logo design. It generally acts as a signature of a company that plays a major role in establishing its identity and branding.

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