Comparing Usability and Acceptance Testing

Saurabh Tiwary | 9th March 2018

Software development process is vast. From Design to development to the usability and acceptance, everything should look perfect and work in accordance.

While imparting functionally is the key, usability and user interface sits on the top layer to help the user interact with the system. But there are two things that need to be considered in ensuring the quality of the end product, i.e. usability and acceptance testing.


So let’s discuss how crucial are they in a design and development process.

User Acceptance Testing:

User acceptance testing ensures that the functionality of the software product is as desired and it is suitable for performing the desired operation as specified by the client.  

During this process, it is ensured that there are no flaws in the application and each and every module are performing absolutely fine without any technical glitches.

Acceptance testing, also referred to as “Beta Testing”, which is a User acceptance testing is done after the design process completion. The concept of the acceptance testing is to ensure that all the features are present in the application and the project is complete.

Usability Testing:

The objective of the Usability testing is to study user behavior in order to understand application flaws that might not have been caught with the usual testing. Although acceptance testing and usability are similar there purposes are different and these are carried out in different ways.

This procedure is carried out to check that the newly developed application is easy to use for the user. This process is usually done during the mid and end of the design process and before the acceptance testing.

The usability tester or the UX architect look for any flaws in the design or any improvement which is required. If found, the issues are tackled and the product is pushed to the acceptance testing. 

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