Getting Familiar with the Content-First Approach in Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 29th June 2018

When it comes to the designing interfaces, the core part is its content. Content is the foundation of a design and serves primarily to the users. While UI and UX contribute to the look and feel and the experience respectively, content is the King.

The Content-First Design Approach

Writing content for your design initially is helpful is too many ways. The first thing that you need to consider that what minimum information is required for your design to make the product successful. This should be carried prior to the wireframing process.


There are several advantages of having full content with you instead of the brief about what you are designing.


Whenever you have sufficient information about the project, rewrite all the information that you can come up with. You may also use Google docs for this purpose as it is easier to comment and add points to the content.


Think of the structure of your website and bifurcate the text content depending on the hierarchy. Accordingly, work on the design elements that you might be needing for interfaces.


Logical and Hierarchical Content

Each page should have its own objective, so, proceed with that.

Make sure that every section of the design should have a  defined goal.


Once finalized, figure out the chunks of content from the title, paragraph to the links that you are incorporating into the design. If you already have detailed content that you have received from client or colleague, make use of it and try to optimize it in terms of what can be shortened and fit your design creativity.


If you have got a larger team, you may take help from the copywriters to optimize the content. This way you can ensure that the content that you are designing for is the most valuable, useful and minimal.


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