How To Create Infographics For Your Blog Post

Shalini Tyagi | 27th April 2018

“A picture is more important than 1000 words” is one of the realistic sayings ever said. In today’s scenario, a good way to summarize and share your blog content is by using a lot of relevant, informative pictures. In order to communicate or convey our message through pictures, we can include an infographic in it. We can use information, charts to create infographics.

Nowadays, informative as well as stunning infographics are much popular on social sites & readers love them as they convey the message in an easier format.

It is not compulsory that you need to be a highly skilled designer to create an infographic. Many online infographic makers and graphic designing sites are available which help users to create an infographic for their post.

First of all, we have to understand what is Infographic?

Basically, it is a visual representation of data, information, facts, and knowledge. This information can be used to show trends, timelines, etc.
In earlier times, these infographics were mainly used in newspapers and news channels, but now they have become much popular on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

There are many advantages to include infographic in our blog image.

1. It helps us to summarize the blog content in one picture.
2. Human brain process picture much faster than text.
3. Helps us to make our content viral.
4. It becomes easier for the reader to get the content quickly through the image.
5. It gets more traffic by sharing them on social platforms.

You can always use software like Photoshop, illustrator to create an Infographic.

As now you have a basic idea about infographic and its importance. So let’s see how to create a stunning infographic for your blog post.


1.Explain the product:

You’ll be having a brief introduction to the topic or product. So you should Explain why people should try or buy it by presenting some humor, fact, and comparison of the topic.

2. Use the correct font:

You have to use correct font and bold text to highlight the fact you want to bring to the fore to your users. Make it sure that it matches your brand font style too.

3. Be Creative and Original:

Present your design to readers with unique and new ideas. Include pictures and contents. The best way to do it is the moment you get the idea just note down them.

4.Think through readers perspective:

Do not just create Infographics. Try to solve the audience problem. Think about how this image can help them.
If that picture cannot impress you, then it definitely will not impress the target audience & can never entertain them.

5.Use icons and symbols:

Use sufficient symbols and icons to explain the topics. Make sure not to clutter the infographic with a lot of texts. Always remember people prefer symbols, icons, and signs over text.

6. Don’t make it too complex and long:

Don’t ever make your Infographic too complex because the audience can find it difficult to understand. You can get it reviewed by your friends and ask them if they understand the topic.

7.Use charts and maps:

Using maps and charts in your infographic makes it real and supportive. If you think it makes sense, use it to explain facts. It also gives your infographic a creative feel.

Indeed, I only want to share that it takes a little time to create Infographics but it makes easier for your reader to understand the topic.

I hope my this knowledge would have given you the basic idea about how to create infographics.

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Shalini is an experienced Graphic designer having key skills in typography, color selection. Always keen to experiment something new in designing.

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    Neeraj Charaya says:
    April 27, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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