How To Create Lighter PSD In Photoshop

Neeraj Charaya | 21st April 2017

When you are sharing PSD files with client or preparing them for sale on sites like Creative Market, then file size do matter. Saving megabytes wherever possible helps you to save time in uploading and at the same time for another person getting it downloaded, so it’s a negative step.

Create Light PSD in Adobe Photoshop

So today we will go for the very best steps to get your PSD file size smaller.

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Before you start very often, you must remind to duplicate your file so that you do not decrease your quality for editing stuffs.

  • Always put a solid color on top, I know this will sound odd but I have found it accidently and it is the most effective step to follow. I recently downloaded a large PSDs to find that when i looked at Finder, they were blank. But when I opened it i found all promised layers were present and a solid layer on top of it. I imagined that why on Earth would someone do like this? As I experimented more with the files, I quickly found the answer. It turns out deleting that layer may get increase in file size.
  • I know this one will sound odd too but deleting junk layers which are kept hidden to trace a design should be deleted. Why to keep them? A layer for your color pallette. Delete it.
  • The idea is here simple that a PSD with a 100 layer is bigger than a PSD with 10 layer. So be careful when you flatten layers or merge it as it will get effect in editing as you cannot edit it anymore, so if you are sure enough for that particular layer which has no use then only merge it. Only flatten those PSD layers which has to be sent to client who will never require to edit it and keep the original one with yourself for further changes.

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