How To Create Perfect Facebook ad Banner!

Anuj Bisht | 4th July 2017

Ad banner is very popular now days maximum big brands and even small firms are interested in doing social media of their products or brand so ad banner is the most important part of the social media things, post and blogs are also very effective but ad banner done his work very brilliantly,

If you are facing problems to create a perfect ad banner then you need to follow the steps,

According to the new ad banner concept you can add only 20% text in the ad banner and its includes the object part also means if you use to much images in the banner it will create problem for you, so keep it simple use less different images or merge the images and keep it in sections one is for images and one is for graphics or images, try to use simple text font and keep you font size small, try to use stripes and line for the design and make your ad banner simple and attractive, put some drop shadow on the text so that the text is highlighted because the size of the ad banner is very small so you have keep in mind that the viewer can see it in one time, it can help you to reach more people and it can increase your business to, you can check you ad banner on facebook ad banner text check software it can easily available on any website or you can search it on facebook, once you check it will show the actual size and reach of the ad banner you can manage or resize the size of text and then check, after it show ok for the banner then it’s ready to launch in the market post it on the social media and see the magic of the ad banner it will make your product and brand value more higher.


I hope you will like it.   

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