How to Create a Stunning Social Media Banner?

Oindrila Saha | 24th January 2018

As a Social Media Designer, I have done a lot of research on the innovative social media posts. It is no more a secret that visual content is the key to get engaged in the social media nowadays. You can follow few fundamental rules which can make your creatives stand out. These tips will help you to create awesome graphics, social media post as well as marketing materials

Use transparent overlays

In Photoshop you can add a layer on top of an image, filling it with solid color and then decrease the opacity or alpha value to make sure that the text is readable in the background. This is a useful trick to make your design stand out.

#Tip 2
Choose your own font style

If your company has a standard brand font then you can choose to ensure that it has brand familiarity and consistency.

You can do better with fonts if you want to have fun. I use multiple fonts together to create a cohesive look, not something that seems too busy. The basic rule while playing with font style is to choose the simple fonts like – Sans-serif. You can create a social media post only with text by manipulating typography

#Tip 3
You may add pun

Don’t be afraid to add pun to your design. In today’s trend, I have noticed that puns and nerd humor get a lot of engagement. It might be simple nod to a niche topic, but it creates imagination which helps your audience to relate to your image

#Tip 4
Keep it simple

Don’t get carried away with so many graphics, images, and font styles, simplicity in design always wins when it comes to graphic design. You can make your designs neat, simple and to the point. It helps to reduce clutter which takes your message across the customers

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