How To Create Youtube Banners Easily and Effectively

Bharat | 21st May 2018

YouTube is a well known social media platform for the masses. Young generation devotes more time to these platforms. Due to this, advertisers and marketers reach out to more people than on traditional channels. According to a survey, people spend more than 6 billion hours in watching YouTube videos alone. This is one of the major reasons why YouTube has become the latest choice for marketers and advertisers. If you are planning to start video sharing on YouTube, then the first thing you need is a YouTube channel and it’s channel art. Because this is the first thing which attracts the users to come in contact with your channel. In this blog, I am going to tell you how you can create YouTube banners easily and effectively.

As we know, YouTube is a very influential social media tool. However, the content on a YouTube channel is responsible for the performance of a channel but it is also very crucial that how a YouTube channel is represented to its visitors. For this, a YouTube logo and a banner are required.

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Few steps required to create YouTube banners easily and effectively are:

Defining a clear purpose and selecting targeted audience:

It is important to know what your channel is exactly delivering to its customers. The field in which a certain set of data is to be delivered and also what your targeted audience is. That’s why it is crucial to know from the very beginning about the goals of the channel and what exactly the owner of the channel wants to achieve through it. So based on this, you have to choose a banner that suits your brand. Also, give a clear-cut picture of your product or service to your target customers.

To choose correct banner size:

As per Google, we have to follow some recommendations like minimum dimensions for banner upload are 2048 x 1152 pixels, the minimum area where text and logos are not to be cut off is 1546 x 423 pixels, the maximum width should be 2560 pixels. Recommended height of the banner should not be less than 423 pixels and last but not the least, the uploaded banner size should be 4MB or smaller.

Selecting the correct design of your banner:

You must have to take care that your YouTube banner should not be a copy of your website banner. You can include some important visual elements of your brand to your banner so that it goes with the vision of the company. Use of high-quality pictures, videos and banners give the impression of a professional channel. Also, it must portray what your channel is all about.


As we know, YouTube is the most acknowledged video content distribution channel for the advertisers, marketers and online campaigners. For Youtube, a banner is a crucial factor and it should define a clear purpose, choose the correct size, and select the correct design. We can use these important steps to create youtube banners easily and effectively.

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