Creating Website Prototype In The Web Browser

Saurabh Tiwary | 20th July 2016

A website prototype is an extensive technique for creating a  wireframe design with interactive features. The two approaches differ in a way that a  website or mobile app wireframe may comprise of static images or sketches while a prototype is an interactive wireframe like design, having  functionalities for all the major pages. Although Graphic editing tools have widely been introduced being the popular choice for prototyping, however, in recent years, a number developers have started to  switch to in-browser prototyping. The causes look obvious as these are much faster, and simpler when you begin to work on your new projects. One need to figure out the differences between a website wireframe, mock up and the prototypes. 

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What Is In-Browser Prototyping

The basic architecture of any website is such well constructed that it can be described as the digital interfaces which are built to run in the web browser.  This is one of the major task carried out in website development phase. Designers also follow some approaches of creating such interfaces in the graphics editors before indulging themselves into the coding phase. Although there is not a specific approach towards design prototyping, but most of the times, it is the preference of the designers what approach to follow. Making use of tools such as Photoshop is one of the great ways, while prototyping in the browser can have significant advantages.

  • It is easy to test and modify the grid systems
  • At any phase of designing, breakpoints can be added
  • It helps perform dynamic testing such as drop-down testing
  • It makes coding easier as you can perform prototyping with fewer codes and add other codes whenever required

Browsers like Adobe Photoshop are very useful tools for creating prototypes but they do not actually support dynamic prototyping as supported by in-browser prototypes.

In-Browser Website Prototype Process

  • While you begin with in-browser prototyping, begin with a paper sketch. Although it can be achieved using graphic design tools, but you have more freedom when you do it on a piece of paper.
  • Take out  a quick sketch of your proposed idea of design. You may use column indicators, gutters and describe the container properties as well.
  • Once you are done with the sketch part, begin with the graphic part that generates gray layout and your prime focus should be on typography, grids, spaces and dynamic elements.
  • Now the important thing to proceed with is deciding the responsive breakpoints and checking out the bugs. Make sure all the layout works well on different parts of the browser. These processes will help you set up the aesthetics for your website.
  • Having done with all these tasks will allow you to quickly add content and images of higher sizes. A visual that you see in a browser must look similar in the other browsers as well. If layouts break in Chrome, it will look exactly same in other browsers as well, no matter what color you are using. But if you primarily focus on layout, it is easier to fix them as well.

The prototyping approach may vary depending on the objectives of the website design. But, some of the common approaches in prototype design should be to check:

  • Whether enough white spaces are present between the elements
  • Whether all dynamic page elements are functional or not
  • Whether all the responsive breakpoints are setup or not Have you setup all the necessary responsive breakpoints
  • When you are all set with the functional prototype, it will ease your effort of coding different elements like graphical images etc.

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Website prototype is one of the very useful tools that brings together the website development as well as the website design phase. While developer will ensure a proper functionality to the website, the designer will come up with enhancement in the visual designs. There are a number of techniques that go in hand in hand, and website prototype is one of those crucial techniques.

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