Crimes of Graphic Designing

Shalini Tyagi | 11th May 2020

Just like every profession, the duties of a designer are challenging too. The designers often commit certain mistakes that make it challenging for them to rectify it later. Mistakes done by a designer have some adverse effects on the business and also it is the crimes of graphic design. Businesses with a poorly constructed website often fail to grab the attention of the audiences. However, a good graphic designer easily identifies those mistakes before time and rectifies them before it causes a blunder to the organization. If you are a newbie to graphic designing here are some easy experiments that you can use to identify the mistakes you made to your design. 


There are the following pointers included in the crimes of graphic designing:


1. Bad Contrast:

Contrast plays an important role in graphic design. It puts all the elements together. The designer should be aware of selecting the right contrast for his graphics. He should be conscious about selecting the right color of the background, text, and image. Ensure the contract adjustment matches the text and pictures.

bad contrast image


2. Bad Font Combination:

Inserting text in graphic design is common but you must choose the font wisely. Also, ensure that the heading text should be highlighted with the different font sizes. Do not use too many different fonts in simple graphic design as it may look unattractive or detached for the main concept.

bad font combination-image


3. Bad Stretch:

We as designers forget to choose the right image we need to superimpose within the graphic. At times we also stretch the graphic more than the needed which makes the graphic blur and stretched-out. Do not let the consumer feel bad about the brand by giving the graphics too much stretch.

bad Stretch image

4. Bad Layout:

Making a layout enables designers to work in the right direction of their graphics. If the designer fails to decide the layout of a particular design then the chances are there of 100% failure.


5. Bad Color scheme:

The colour scheme is decided in coordination with other elements of the graphic design. Ensure you adjust the colours according to images or characters used in combination with it. While designing make all the elements used in the image (Image, text, etc) coordinate well with each other.

bad color scheme image

6. Bad Spelling:

Ensure you check the spelling of the text you have submitted. Not only will it confuse your readers but it will also make them unsure of the worthiness of your brand.

bad spelling


7. Bad Spacing:

Aligning the elements together of a graphic is essential. Make sure there is proper spacing between the text and the image adjacent to it. Ensure there is the appropriate spacing between the top and the bottom of the image and text used in the graphic design.

bad Spacing image

These are some of the pointers I as a graphic designer has noted. I have improved my graphic designing skills using these techniques. I hope you too would like to become more mature as a graphic designer and I hope these skills work for you.

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Shalini is an experienced Graphic designer having key skills in typography, color selection. Always keen to experiment something new in designing.

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