How Crucial Is Design Consistency For A UI Design

Bharat | 20th July 2018

Consistency connects UI elements together with identifiable and foreseen actions, and it’s important for a magnificent product experience. A way to clarify things is to imagine it as a promise that you make to your users so that they can comfortably communicate with your product and service. As they become more familiar and regular users of your product, users start to believe in the product more. Here I have explained how crucial design consistency is for a design.


As per reports, many experts concluded that the absence of design consistency was a common issue for design teams around the globe. Moreover, for design teams and users, this absence of consistency can lead to countless issues:

Issues behind design consistency:

Slow designing process:

The insufficiency of reusable design assets slows down designers, as they have to create everything from scratch.

Slow development process:

The number of completely reusable components marsh down the development process.

Confusion of user:

Various patterns are the reasons for the similar action confuse users.

Tough onboarding:

Introducing new developers and designers to a completely undocumented ’’system’’ is horribly difficult.

Why there is a need to build a design system?

The main purpose of building a design system is to retain the consistency across distinct products and various teams, but a well-made system also helps in reducing cognitive load and maximizing the speed of overall development. Also, an important reason is that the design system helps users.


One of the toughest parts to understand about design systems is that their components never quite fit correctly out of the box. The product and the design system work together but perform different things.

The intelligent solution is to use their benefits. There’s no “fix size” that fits for all components that would work correctly with every product, that’s why they require to add customization. For the improvement in their design, the available components should be amended to suit the product’s requirements.

A design system is an available blueprint for the product development team. All the visual assets, design principles, and patterns must register on records. A design should scale right alongside development because all code references incorporate every piece of design.

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